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Account Verification

This policy was last updated on: 27th January 2023

To satisfy our regulatory and legal requirements to the National Betting Authority and Cypriot Law, we must ensure that:
a) you are aged 18 or over
b) all the information you have provided during your account registration is accurate and valid

Account verification must be completed within 30 days of your account registration. Please bear in mind that we cannot process withdrawals to any account until account verification has been completed. Also, should your total deposits reach €2,000 before 30 days, account verification will need to be completed at this point.

We recommend verifying your in2bet account as soon as you register with us.

Account Verification Procedure

Verify your account by uploading your documents through the Verification section in your account settings. Verification involves two simple steps:

Step 1: Upload your ID

a) a colour copy of both sides of your ID card or
b) a colour copy of your passport, Alien Registration Certificate or Residence Permit Card

Step 2: Upload proof of address

Please provide proof of your Cypriot address by uploading a utility bill issued by any one of the following:

a) Telecommunications provider (CYTA/Cablenet/Primetel/Epic) for internet services, pay-TV or landline services (please include all the pages of your utility bill). A utility bill for mobile services cannot be accepted.
b) Electricity Authority of Cyprus (EAC)
c) Water and Sewerage Boards
d) Local Government Authorities (e.g. garbage collection fees, property tax, property tax or any other tax payment)

Your proof of address must be issued within the last 6 months and include the name and address provided during your registration.

In case you do not have a utility bill in your name but in the name of a third person who lives with you, the utility bill should be accompanied by one of the following documents depending on the case:
1. In case of submitting a utility bill in the name of your spouse, the document must be accompanied by an exact copy of the marriage certificate or
2. In the case of submitting a utility bill in the name of a third party, the bill must be accompanied by a sworn declaration of the person that he/she lives in the same house as you, or
3. In the case of submitting a utility bill in the name of a third party, the bill must be accompanied by a certificate signed by the head of the community/municipality, confirming that you live at the address stated on the utility bill, or
4. Certificate from the head of the community/municipality regarding your residential address.

Please make sure your documents meet the following criteria:
a) the documents are in colour and of good enough quality to be legible
b) the full documents are displayed (photo of the entire document with all four corners)
c) the documents are valid

You can also email your verification documents to Please contact the same email address or Live Chat if you have any problems.

Postal Verification Residential Address

If you don’t have any of the documents above, alternatively we can verify your permanent residential address by sending a postal Verification Code to the address you have registered.

As soon as you receive the code, email a photo of the letter to or send it via Live Chat.

Once the review of your documents is complete, we’ll let you know by email and if there are any problems, we’ll be in touch.

Review Timeframes

We aim to have your documents reviewed and your account verified within 48 hours, but if we need to ask you for additional info it might take a little longer.

Additional documents and information

We reserve the right, where deemed necessary, to require additional proof of your identity and/or proof of your address at any time, regardless of whether you have already verified your account.
The list of additional documents may include (but is not limited to):

a) photo (selfie) of the customer holding their ID card/passport/Alien Registration Card/Residence Permit Card
b) second identification document and/or proof of residential address
c) birth certificate
d) bank statement/card statement/e-wallet account statement

In addition, we reserve the right, where deemed necessary, to check the source of the funds of your betting activity with us. You may be required to provide additional information and documentation showing that you have sufficient resources to support your betting activity. Such information may include your occupation and salary, supported by documents such as a copy of your payslip and/or a copy of your bank account statement and/or tax statement or any other document deemed necessary.

Your account may be subject to certain restrictions including suspension until you provide us with the required information and documents to satisfy our checks.

In the event that it is found that you have more than one active account or that the information and documents you have provided to us are false or invalid (including documents modified with different software and graphics processors), the Company has the right to cancel the bets you placed and close your account. The Company has the right to report any wrongdoings to the relevant authorities and withhold all funds until the necessary investigation is complete.

Keeping your details up to date

In order to comply with the current Cypriot Law and the Regulations of the National Betting Authority, we are obliged to update the details and documents of our customers.

If any of your personal details change (e.g., permanent residential address, telephone number) you must inform us immediately.

To change any of the information you provided during your initial registration on our site, please contact our Customer Service Department.

We reserve the right, in case your identification document has expired, to ask you to provide us with the renewed document. In addition, we reserve the right, where we deem necessary, to request a new proof of permanent residential address at any time.

Email Verification

Verifying your email is part of the account verification process. Following your registration, we will send you an email to the e-mail address that you registered with, which will include a link.

To verify your email address, please click the link to complete your email verification process.

Please check your junk/spam folder in case the email gets sent there.

If you require assistance or more information about the account verification procedure, please don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Services Team. Alternatively, consult our HELP page at

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